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Tips for Planning the Perfect Swimming Pool Project

Swimming Pool in Dubai

Designing and building a pool is a significant investment. The design and installation of a swimming pool require time, energy, and a sizable investment. To ensure a perfect swimming pool, you’ll need a lot of planning, and you’ll also be required to make many decisions upfront. From the type of pool to the best contractor for the construction of the pool in Dubai, all decisions are crucial. The first step in this process is to decide the size and type of pool you would like followed by figuring out your budget. Once you have set up a realistic budget, all the other choices will be easier to make. Make sure your yard is suitable for a swimming pool. Some shapes and architectures can not only hamper the position and size of the pool but can add to the overall expense of the project. In this article, we will share all the essential factors that must be considered before embarking on your dream to create an aesthetic swimming pool. Considering these factors will make your pool construction a bit easier and assist you in making the best decisions regarding your project.

Swimming Pool in Dubai


The first step is to define the purpose of your pool. Do you want your pool for exercise, relaxation, family, or recreation? Consider the use and purpose of your swimming pool in Dubai, and settle on the best shape for it. The most popular shapes for a swimming pool are rectangular, oval, square, or it can be a customized free form that you prefer. In addition to identifying its purpose, you should also consider the view from your pool and how you plan to blend it into your home. By determining the use and shape of your swimming pool, you will be able to settle on a design that works best with your home’s exterior.


After determining the purpose of your pool, you should also give a thought to any features you may want to add. If you plan on having a spa, jacuzzi, water feature, or any other water-related facilities in the future, adding a structure for them during construction will make it easier to upgrade your pool in the future. Many people plan on upgrading their pool area by incorporating a pergola, fire pit, hot tub, or outdoor kitchen and dining area in the backyard. If you have such plans for the future, you should discuss them with your contractors before starting the construction of your swimming pool in Dubai.

Property Restrictions

After settling on design and features, you should take a look at restrictions and bylaws that can affect your project. It is essential to consider everything from layout to post-construction maintenance before starting the installation works. Make sure to follow the existing grades for drainage along the property lines to maintain the positive flow of water. Since every single site faces the uncertainties of geographical and spatial placement, considering everything upfront will reduce any problems during the construction. It will also ensure your pool not just looks great but is functional as well. Discussing this information with contractors will allow them to make the best plan during the construction of your pool in Dubai.

Swimming Pool in Dubai


After considering all your design decisions and official and natural obstructions, the next step is to consider the practicality of your pool. Consider all choices such as the movement area between the swimming pool, changing rooms, area to store chemicals and other pool essentials, and a place to store all your pool toys and accessories. Considering all of these decisions will remove any non-realistic features from your design and help you construct a pool area with essential storage.


Setting up a budget early in the process will make things much simpler. If you have a clear idea of design and you are aware of the restrictions, setting up a budget will be fairly easy. Setting up a budget will help you and your contractor understand the scope of the project and ensure you are on the same page during the construction of the swimming pool in Dubai. Depending on your budget, the contractor will be able to give you the best suggestions in terms of design and material. It will ease your selection process and help you get the most out of your investment.


The construction of the pool will be a significant factor. After you have covered all the aforementioned points, you will finally decide what your swimming pool should be made of. You will be choosing from the top two options — concrete or fiberglass. Both of these materials have their own set of advantages. Concrete sits on the lower end of the scale offering a more rugged structure while fiberglass turns out to be a little more expensive, but offers a lower project duration. The quality and lifespan of these materials differ. Since you cannot change the actual structure of the pool with any upgrade. It is crucial to take your time and consider your usage before making a final decision.

Materials of Pool Area

After selecting the material for your pool in Dubai, it is now time to select the material for your pool’s surrounding area. You have tons of options when it comes to the material for surrounding areas. Since

you will be covering everything from deck to walkways and stepping stones, you can select a different material that fits your needs. Make sure to go with materials that complement your home and blend seamlessly with your existing exterior. The materials will be responsible for creating the ambiance around the pool. Thus, you have to look at all the options your contractor has to offer and choose the one that fits the look you want to achieve.

Final Words

Designing a swimming pool in Dubai can be a challenge. But with the correct tips, you can get the pool of your dreams within your budget. All of the factors mentioned above are critical for your project, and taking them into account will help you save time, money, and energy spent. Pool contractors play a significant role in bringing your vision to life, and you must select a trusted partner for your project. MESolar provides the best service in the market. Our years of experience allow us to understand your needs and deliver the best results. Browse our website for more information, or get in touch with our support team at +971552122116.


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